"Let's Organize it"

is a company that provides organising and decluttering services in Auckland.
We exist to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Customer Testimonials

Jody Watton 

"I was so happy to find Elena’s advertisement for Home Organising in Neighbourly. She was the answer to my prayers. It was a bit risky having a stranger come to my home - however her professional manner quickly dis-pelled any concerns I initially had. Elena is a beautiful soul inside and out and she worked efficiently and with a kind and understanding heart. I would not hesitate to recommend Elena to anyone looking to declutter and organise their space. I felt lighter and energised by the changes she made to my home!"

Katy Thompson 

"Like Marie Kondo only so much better!!!! The best thing about Elena is not the order, organisation and clarity she restores to your house but her beau-tiful positive energy and non-judgemental, calm confidence that every per-son can take charge of their mess and enjoy a clutter-free home. She is such a joy to have in your house and we always look forward to her visits. My  son and dog adore her as do I.  But the visual pleasure of seeing every-thing clearly labelled and placed with space to move is a gift you and your family will enjoy for months after she has been. The BEST investment for making the most of any space big or small. Can not wait to have her in our home again soon."

Max Zharkoy 

"I would like to say thank you to Elena for her wardrobe project in my house. She did a great job! For the beginning it was a messy room with the things and clothes all around. First she set up a metal wardrobe system which looks very practical and then organized all the things nicely! Then she gave to my family and me a short lesson of how to fold up our clothes and how not to make mess again. We are so happy that invited her! She provided us not just with new and tidy wardrobe but also with new knowledge! Thank you Elena! We wish you all the best on your way!"

Elena Yanevich

"I really love lets organize it work. Amazing service. Feels like I got rid of so many things in my life and learned many techniques and styles of folding clothes. It's amazing how it's effecting your life, energy and mood when things are organised.  Really loved the guidance provided to me...  Beautiful work!!!!  Highly recommend to everyone,  life-changing experience. And also can I ask you to do some changes on Let’s Clean It website?"

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