How it works out: 

1. Initial contact could be established through email or phone 

2. Job evaluation and free consultation to follow (including client’s likes & dislikes)

3. Job quotation to be generated for the client’s approval

4. The job to be executed after the client’s approval within the proposed time

5. Client’s approval and feedback is collected on completion of the job

6. The future recommendation provided if required 

*free ongoing assistance is offered till 3 months from the date of job completion

Under your sensitive guidance, I will work with your belongings to organise them and make the organisational system of this or that object faster. For each space, I will create a suitable storage system, where every slightest detail will be thought out. I will demonstrate to you how to use this system on an ongoing basis so that unwanted chaos and clutter do not appear in your home ever/again.
Together we can achieve the necessary results and make our life more comfortable and pleasant.

Organising services can be provided for:

-Living areas -Bedrooms -Bathrooms -Children’ Spaces -Wardrobing -Workplace -Kitchen -Laundry -Garage

What is included in the service: 

-cleaning the space (dusting, vacuuming, wiping surfaces - if the space is dirty and requires cleaning). Use our cleaning services “Let’s Clean It” 

-sorting things   

-assigning labels

-purchasing various organisers and necessary things that help in organizing the space of it is required and needed (all things are transformed at the expense of the customer) .

-installing/assembling items that will help in organizing the space (that can be furniture and other things).

-organising the space   

 -taking things to charity 

-helping to sell things if the client wants to find another owner for his belongings 

-being a personal assistant for my dear clients for the duration of the project.


All prices are announced after a free consultation. Also, all prices depend on the complexity of the work and its duration.

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